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Friday, October 19, 2007


Fahreakville, USA (FoxNews)
A Seattle woman has made allegations against magician David Copperfield, law enforcement sources tell FOX News.

"Eeewww!!! I went to this guys show in Miami. I sat in the front row with my friend & he was *totally* GAWKING at us. It was kind of creepy, cause he thought he was sexy, but it was more like "cross your legs" cuz we could totally tell he was pervin & looking up our skirts from a certain angle from the stage. "

"He has that David Copperfield Bottoom Dweller look that makes you want to DOUBLE BOLT the door & night and check the locks on the windows. "

I bet the girl who accused him "DISAPPEARS". Magic or ah... some kind of trickery?

Why does CopperFreak have 2 million bucks sitting in a warehouse??? ESCAPE money ? What a COPPERPOT of crap. Lock this guy up for creeping us out.

Read this accurate and extremely unbiased news source:,2933,303546,00.html

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