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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Laaaaaaaaadiesss.... where are uuuuuuuu???

Well, we're all asking ourselves:

"Why is the book "The MYSTERY METHOD: How to get a woman into bed" not included in Oprah's Book club?"

The following reasons:

This is the author

  • His name is "MYSTERY"

  • He wears a fuzzy helmet hat

  • He wears eye-liner & plastic PVC piping earrings

  • Chapter 2 is entitled "The Ultimate Purpose of Life"

I didn't see a Chapter on "STD's: How to avoid them", but perhaps that's the sequel.

I am writing a book, obviously inspired by MYSTERY's book!!

In this book, my friend "EMILY" & I will be stalking the mystery man to find out all his secrets:

  • where does he buy his hats?
    Has he been tested?
    Is he a Scientologist?

  • Stay tuned for more details!! Shhhh... it's all a big secret mystery!!!


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