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Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's pretty obvious that a dog is a quadruped, a sure-footed, four-footed critter with specialized paws that help them get around the block, across the field, off the sofa, into the Vice-Presidental Nominee position.

Although all dog paws are basically the same, some are shaped slightly different than others.

A. Like humans, Sarah Palin's toenails grow and are used to control her Administration. The nails should be kept in good trim to avoid scratching when her dog paws at bare human legs.

B.The dog's paws and the pasterns work together to absorb the shock of jumping, running, lying, and other wise distracting the American People from the real issues at hand.

C. Pads used to STONEWALL investigations.

D. The dog's paws provide both traction and shock absorption and come in handy for digging and bullsh*tting during interviews.

E. Dog nails have a blood supply, but the end of the nails are dead tissue and can be clipped without pain, during the election in November.

Although adult dogs may be more difficult, especially if they hate being "vetted" or questioned in any way, Voters who are willing and able can, of course, make an informed choice, to to have to Fido's nails clipped. That is, of course, if all the barking, whining, and digging through piles of crap, doesn't distract them.


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